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General Contractor Paying Digital Marketer

Why Is Good Digital Marketing So Expensive for General Contractors?

Good digital marketing, particularly SEO, can be a lot more expensive than you might think because of a few key reasons.

  1. They’re most likely trained professionals with lots of experience.
  2. They have lots of tools and resources at their disposal.
  3. They probably have custom-built strategies to help you get the results you’re looking for.
  4. They’re efficient and effective.

Trained Digital Marketers Have Lots of Experience

Most digital marketing professionals have been in the industry for a while and have both traditional education (online most likely) as well as hands-on experience managing marketing campaigns and providing deliverables.

A lot of good marketers also attend industry conferences and networking events, which is tremendously helpful for you! They keep their knowledge up to date, and are able to stay ahead of the curve to keep their clients’ campaigns performing really well.

They Have Tremendous Resources

Most digital marketing agencies have industry-leading tools and software. Some of the software we use can range from $30/mo to $1,500+/mo. 

If you planned on doing  digital marketing yourself, consider how expensive good software is. Digital marketing agencies can afford it because they use the same tools/software for multiple clients.

Another resource they have is knowing people in different marketing industries. If you’re working with an SEO, they probably can refer you to someone who does paid social for instance.

Good Digital Marketers Have Unique Strategies

For the most part, nobody uses the exact same strategies as someone else when doing digital marketing. They might try to utilize best practices by following some guidelines, but successful marketing agencies create their own strategies.

This is important, because if you tried doing digital marketing on your own without as much experience and resources as some of these agencies, you wouldn’t be able to create high-level marketing strategies by yourself and would most likely end up following someone else’s framework. Not saying that’s a bad option, but to succeed, you need to be doing better than everyone else, not the same as everyone else.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Good digital marketers might charge hundreds of dollars an hour, but for the most part, we’re efficient and effective. You’re not necessarily paying for the work we’re doing for your business, but you’re also paying for the time and dedication it took us to get us where we are today. The knowledge that we acquired and the understanding of our fields came at a tremendous time cost for us. Consider that before being shocked as to what good digital marketers charge. 

Is it Worth It?

Alright. Now that you know why it costs so much, is it worth it? The answer is absolutely. If you’re curious as to our reasoning, we did put together another resource explaining in-depth if SEO is worth it for general contractors that you can find here.

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