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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

If you’ve considered using SEO to grow your general contractor business, you’ve probably came to the conclusion that you either have to do it yourself or spend a lot of time trying to find a good SEO agency to do it for you.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 5 powerful questions you can ask to hire the right SEO agency for your general contracting business!

Question #1: How long have your writers been creating content in English?

The main reason that we ask how long they’ve been creating content in English as opposed to asking them if they’re familiar with writing content in English is that,  when you ask a quantifiable question like how much, how many, how often, you’re usually going to be getting more truthful answers in return.

There are lots of SEO agencies all over the world. You don’t have to work with one from your own country if you don’t want to. But do keep in mind that SEO agencies from other countries might be more familiar with another language before English. That might hinder the results that they’re able to provide you.

Google has been prioritizing content that is user friendly and that people engage with. If you want to work with a larger SEO agency, that’s completely fine.  But you do have to understand that when you first reach out to them, they’re going to get you in touch with a salesperson. That’s typically the process. After you speak with a salesperson, they’ll hand you over to an account manager who will have an entry-level, intermediate level SEO strategist working on your campaign. It’s important to understand who those people are and their proficiency in English as well, or whatever language your content is going to be created in. 

Question #2: Are you doing white-hat SEO?

White hat SEO means the SEO agency will follow Google’s guidelines, creating quality content that humans actually enjoy.  Black hat SEO, on the opposite, is breaking Google’s guidelines. Black hat SEO will tend to guarantee things that aren’t necessarily guaranteeable. For instance, they will try to guarantee getting to the first page of Google.  While good SEOs are able to get pretty consistent results, it’s not really feasible to guarantee that. Google is changing its algorithm constantly and there’s no way to guarantee anything when the platform itself is constantly changing.  Check out our results here.

Question #3: How has your strategy changed since you started?

SEO strategies in 2021 are very different from what they were five years ago. Asking this question allows you to see whether this SEO agency has been keeping up with the game. SEO is a super volatile industry and it’s constantly changing.  In order to outperform competition, a reliable, responsible SEO agency always adapts to the times,  researches different SEO news and carefully keeps up with the algorithm updates that Google releases.

One of the best SEO strategies right now is to look at your top four or five competitors for a certain keyword and then take everything they’re doing right and then build upon it, create a more comprehensive piece that they can’t compete with your content unless they completely update their page.

Another one of the most popular SEO tactics right now is to make sure that the content is written for their reader and not for Google. Back when SEO first started, people would try to manipulate the search algorithm and create very low quality content including keyword stuffing to rank higher.  But at the end of the day, nobody reading it actually enjoyed it.

If the SEO agency you’re looking to work with is newer and hasn’t really had the opportunity to improve their strategy because they’re just starting out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad at what they do. You just have to be a little bit more careful with them. Ask to see if they have any case studies or results you can look at to see how they actually perform. 

Question #4: How much do you charge?

This is one of the most important questions every business owner is concerned about.


Before the SEO agency provides your with a quote, make sure they have gone through your website, perform some level of audit, know what tools they need, how much content they’ll create. Only in this way they can provide you with an accurate quote. 


If an SEO agency provides a much lower price than other agencies, just be careful about the price.  SEO tools can cost from a couple of hundreds up to thousands. There are some cheap tools that are only about $14 a month but they don’t really do a whole lot.The more advanced tools can cost upwards of thousands of dollars each month.


Make sure the proposals are itemized. The SEO agency should break down what they will do and how much they charge for each service. We break down our services into smaller parts , you’ll know exactly what we do to maximize your investment in SEO. 


When an SEO agency spends the extra few minutes that it takes to itemize your proposals and invoices, it means that they’re willing to spend the extra few minutes to explain to you what they’re going to be doing and where our money’s going to be going, it’s a great indicator that they’re going to do high-quality work.

Question #5: Ask yourself, how is their character?

When it comes to hiring an SEO agency or strategist, you need to determine if they’re going to be acting in your best interest.  

Please give yourself enough time to get to know them. Have at least two phone calls or meetings. Then ask yourself: Are they responsive? Are they on time? Do they genuinely care about your business?


If they try to confuse you with large terms that don’t really make sense, odds are they’re not good at what they do, They don’t want you to ask any questions or have an idea of what’s going on because they’re trying to take advantage of you.  A good SEO agency should try to make things easier for you, not try to complicate them.


If you’re speaking with somebody that’s not good with talking to people but they are genuine and sincere, there is the possibility that they’re just not good with people but they are good at SEO. So if you think that’s the case, make sure to look at their case studies, past results and testimonials to see if they’re actually good at what they do.

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