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How Should General Contractors Be Using Instagram?

Instagram is no doubt the most popular platform to market and grow a business.  It not only presents your business to billions of active users, but also allows you to directly interact with them (direct message). It builds a unique bonding and trust that no other platforms or network is able to match.   That’s why 25 million businesses have accounts on Instagram and 2 million advertisers want to run ads on Instagram every month. 

So, is your business leveraging the power of Instagram?  Here is a checklist and tips that’ll help grow your Instagram organically in a strategic way. Some general contractors are doing well with just Instagram, but after you’ve mastered it, you should consider creating a website for your general contractor business.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first impression you have on people. Make sure your profile photo is clear and professional.  It could be your logo or your headshot.


This is an area of your elevator pitch.  

What services do you offer? 

Where do you serve? 

What’s your contact information? 

What’s your company value?  

Pack these information in simple, concise words because the users on Instagram scroll quickly! 

Hashtag Research

You’ll need 30 hashtags each post for max exposure. 

Brainstorm and write down three groups of hashtags where your target audience might be interested. 

Most general contracting  are local business so hashtags of your service neighborhoods would be super helpful. 

Do not choose  hashtags that are too general such as “Kitchens” or “Contracting” that have over 1M posts.  Your post will easily get buried in one second.  But also don’t choose hashtags that have only a couple of hundred posts that no one cares about. 

Go through the content under these hashtags and double check if the content under these hashtags are legit (will attract your audience). A lot of hashtags have too many ads or nonsense content. 

Have your hashtag pool ready on a note app (it’s okay you have more than 30). Switch using these hashtags on each post.

Content Planning

Instagram is a very visual platform. Your feed needs to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s important that you implement best practices for construction photography to make sure your images are inspiring.

How can you be aesthetically pleasing?  

The answer is “Less is More” and choose to use one visual element CONSISTENTLY. 

For example, your feed can use the same font, or same color.  Or you can visit those Instagram accounts you like and study what they’ve been doing to make their feed look great. 

Be open to experiencing and testing. You’ll find out what type of content engages your audience well.  For example, try out still images, memes, Instagram reel videos, longer-form IGTV videos, etc to test what your target clients engage well.   In general, short videos work out best on Instagram. But you may have a special group of target clients, I would still recommend testing out different forms and truly understand your potential customers. 

I highly recommend reducing the amount of personal photos or photos not related to your business.  One post once in a whole is doable, but if most of your feeds is about your family, pets, and vacations,  it won’t help establishing you as the authority in your profession.

Post and Engagement

Consistency is the key, on social media platforms and in life!

Post consistently at certain times each week (At least 4 times a week; Optimal 7 days a week).   

You can use Facebook Creator Studio to plan and schedule all your content for a week ahead.  And it’s free! 

Engage and comment on other people’s posts every day for at least half an hour.  This is a technique used by social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk. He has repeatedly recommended small business owners to initiate engagement with other people on social media.  

Building a following on Instagram takes consistent efforts.  The platform changes frequently, which means we’ll need to learn, adjust, and adapt to the platform quickly.   One thing is certain, in the near future, Instagram will continue to be one of the most popular social media platforms. Investing time and efforts to market your business and engage with your potential clients will reward you big time.

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