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Do General Contractors Need Social Media?

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? What about an Instagram? A Twitter? Linkedin?

The rule of thumb is that you should have all of the accounts created. You don’t necessarily have to be using all of them out of the gate, but if you can get the usernames secured, and throw your logo on there, you’re setting yourself up for future success.


The order we generally recommend prioritizing for social media channels is:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin


Facebook is a great channel for allowing you to connect with your customers. You can post images and text without many restrictions. You’re also able to have tons of helpful information directly on your Facebook page that’s easily accessible for people viewing your page, such as your website link, phone number, hours, where you’re located, reviews, etc.


Instagram is good because it’s a visual-heavy platform. If you’ve got some killer pictures of projects you’ve done, you can definitely leverage them to get some traction on Instagram. 


Twitter is a platform where you can be snappy and witty. Twitter isn’t always the best platform for hyperlocal businesses, but if you did want to bring some extra attention to your business on a national level, Twitter is great.  


Linkedin is great for connecting with other professionals. If you do commercial work, you can network with business owners to get a foot in the door. 

At the end of the day, each platform has its pros and cons. If you can post semi-regularly on each platform, you’re helping your business out significantly. You might not think that it’s helping too much because you might not see much engagement at first, but you need to consider attribution.


Posting regularly on social media can help demonstrate reliability, and a steady stream of work/projects. While you might not get hundreds of likes on each post, it could be a factor that someone considers before reaching out to through a different channel (like email or phone call).

How Do I Create a Facebook Page?

Facebook Create Page Step 1

Head to and look in the top right for a “+” sign.

Facebook Create Page Step 2

After you click the “+” sign, you’ll see a drop down menu with a bunch of options. Click the “Page” option.

Facebook Screen To Add Information When Creating Facebook Page

Fill in your businesses information here and then hit “create page” and that’s it! Your page is created. Now you have to start adding images and information to your Facebook page to make it unique.

How Do I Create an Instagram Page?

Instagram Sign Up Page

This is even easier than creating a Facebook page! Head to and enter in your information, and that’s it!

Make sure that under “Full Name” you’re putting your business name, not your personal name! 

How Do I Create a Twitter Page?

Twitter Sign Up Page

Another easy one! Head to and enter in your information.

Make sure that under “Name” you’re putting your business name, not your personal name! 

How Do I Create a LinkedIn Page?

LinkedIn Sign Up Screen

This one is a little bit more involved, but still not too difficult. You can start the process by heading here:

This account is going to represent you personally and you are going to represent your business. So for example, instead of making an account for “XYZ Home Remodeling”, you would create an account with your name and add to your profile that you’re the owner of “XYZ Home Remodeling”. 

It’s critical that you make your LinkedIn look professional if you want people to take you seriously. 

What works well with social media?

SEO and Social Media synergize extremely well. Website traffic (from social) helps your SEO, and good SEO helps you grow your social channels. If you're ready to learn more about what the Get GC Clients team can do for you, schedule your FREE no-obligation introductory consultation!

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